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6 x DHS DJ40+ 3-Star WTT Balls

DHS DJ40+ 3-Star WTT series competition table tennis ball is Approved by ITTF for top-level tournament Professional play; ABS is an environmentally...

DHS C-8 Pips Long

Control: 8 Spin: 10 Speed: 8 Hardness: Hard C-8 Pimples Out, "Magic Racket" or "Secret Weapon", makes a breathtaking effect due...

DHS C7 Pips Long

Control: 9 Spin: 9 Speed: 11 Thickness: 1.0 mm Hardness: Medium C7 Pimples Long, is the easiest long pip to play. It fits well with any other rubber...
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DHS Hardful Paddle Case

DHS Hardful Paddle Case. Internal Mesh Pocket Internal Paddle-hold strap Key ring

DHS Hurricane Blade H-WL

Ply: 5 (5W) Thickness: 5.6~5.8 mm Speed: OFF+3 Fitted play: Loop at medium-long-table + quick attack DHS Hurricane H-WL Wang Liqin blade is a high...

DHS P104 Net Set

Shipping weight is about 5 lbs. Character: Wide body, Big knob DHS P104 table tennis net set is professional grade equipment and is made for...

DHS Power G PG7 Blade

Ply: 7W Thick: 6.3mm Speed: OFF++ This is the new DHS Power G PG7 blade. The surface gone through a special treatment called High Pressure Ballonet...
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DHS Sharping 2 Pips Out Special

DHS Sharping 2 is a newly designed pips-out special rubber. New conical pimple structure with great touch and feel.  Fast and deceptive but...
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DHS Skyline TG3 NEO

NEO version of TG3. It is in a vacuum sealed pack. More speed and power than TG3.
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DHS TG7-AL blade

Ply: 7W This is the new DHS TG7-AL blade. High-pressure technology was used in the manufacturing of this blade. It reduces the energy waste. This...
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