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Featured Products

Model: DFBA3*V40+10
Price: $9.99

This item is for 10 (1 box) Double Fish 3-star V40+ Table Tennis Balls in white color. This new ball is made of mainly ABS material and is ITTF ... more info

Model: YHBAHC40+10
Price: $7.99

This item is for a total of 10 new HuiChuan 40+ ABS balls Made by Yinhe in white color. These balls are seamed and made of the new mainly ABS ... more info

Model: DFBA3*V40+100
Price: $94.44

This item is for 100 (10 boxes) Double Fish 3-star V40+ Table Tennis Balls in white color. This new ball is made of mainly ABS material and is ITTF ... more info

Model: YHBAR3*40+12
Price: $18.99

This item is for a total of 12 new 4th generation Yinhe red 3-star super quality S40+ poly balls in white color. These balls are ITTF approved for ... more info

Price: $19.99

This item is for two (2) 729 Cross rubbers (1 red and 1 black). The rubbers with classical structure and with stable sponge, is very easy to control ... more info

Price: $31.99

This is a new post speed-glue age rubber. This is the answer from 729 to its competitors. In addition to superb control and spin as traditional 729 ... more info

Price: $11.99

Air Classique short pip rubber OX (without sponge) presents a special pips design which provides a totally different feeling for chop defense. The ... more info

Model: AVBLBT555
Price: $79.99

Avalox Blue Thunder 555 is a powerful 5-ply blade with offensive characteristics and excellent ball feeling. The Blue Thunder 555 is ideal for ... more info

Price: $51.99

Rozena employs the rose-dyed Spring Sponge technology as its name suggests The newly developed top sheet utilizes High Tension technology With ... more info

Price: $161.99

Speed Conscious Model With Distinguished Power This is an uncompromising all-out power blade perfect for the power attacker. Features a large sweet ... more info

Price: $49.95

NEW! JUST ARRIVED! Donic Bluestorm Z1: A LIGHTNING STRIKE! Bluestorm Z1 with its medium pored sponge and a short, wide pimple structure is the ... more info

Price: $11.99

The original Double Fish pips long 1615 was used by great chopper Tong Ling to win the singles world champion in the 36th World Championships in 1981 ... more info

Price: $34.99

Speed: OFF+ Ply: 5W By the name, it is very light, great feel and control. Respective power and speed. Very comfortable to play. It normally weights ... more info

Model: GLRU8892
Price: $11.99

Globe 889-2 is a newly developed pips-out rubber meet the new ITTF standards. With its big pimples and elastic sponge, this rubber has high speed, ... more info

Model: GLRU999N
Price: $24.99

This is a special version of Globe 999 rubber designed for Chinese National players. Globe 999 National version rubber once used by Ma Lin and Kong ... more info

Price: $19.99

Newly developed high friction, high elasticity, high speed attacking rubber.  It has great feel and is a Euro style all around rubber.  ... more info

Price: $89.99

The origin of the word Tenaly means “it becomes the hand”. This handle is designed ergonomically to make the blade an extension of the ... more info

Price: $39.99

Sanwei Fextra is a handmade 7ply blade applied a special glue technology. It not only powerful but also has great feel and control.  It is ... more info

Price: $13.99

Unique pimple tip structure and ultrathin rubber sheet base. Great spin reversal, sinking, good elastic speed and with wobbling effect.  

Price: $37.99

Innovative company Sanwei invented, patented and produced this remarkable pistol grip paddle. Pistol grip is one of the most simple, natural and ... more info

Price: $17.99

Sanwei T88 Taiji Plus is a new tensioned rubber with excellent speed in addition to steability and controllabality.  This rubber is also an ... more info

Price: $13.99

Super elastic and fast with great control and feel in addtion to precision ball placement.

Price: $26.99

Upgraded version of the Target, the Target National is particulaly designed for the new 40+ poly balls. The Target National has already been selected ... more info

Price: $22.99

Yinhe Apollo 5 is a newly developed medium tacky rubber.  It is lightning fast and gripy.

Price: $37.99

Speed: Fast 5W + 2Carbokev Yinhe Carbokev blade T8s is designed in Germany and is for fast loop and fast attack players. It is the upgraded version ... more info
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