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Donic Blade Persson Dotec OFF

Great offensive blade for players of every ability, with Donic Dotec technology. Super versatility with top speed and fantastic feel in every playing...

Donic Desto F1

With improved speed and maximum spin due to in-built speed glueing effect! Donic Desto F1 is the fastest rubber from the DESTO Formula series. A...
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Donic Rubber Baracuda

The Rubber with vicious spin! Formula Donic Baracuda rubber with built-in speed glue effect produces fantastic spin. The ball leaves the blade in a...
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Donic Rubber Bluegrip C2

Donic BlueGrip C2 is for uncompromising offensive players that rely on speed and spin. Powerful catapult effect, incredibly spinny. Technology: Full...
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