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Rubber Cleaner

Butterfly Rubber Cleaner 250ml

Maximize Your Spin - Keeps The Racket Surface Tacky & Extends The Life Of Your Rubber - 250ml Removes dirt, dust, and oil One squirt per side is...

Butterfly Spin Refresh Foam Cleaner

Size: 150 ml Butterfly Spin Refresh is an environmentally friendly non-gas foam cleaner. Please put out the coin size amount to the rubber, and wipe...

Joola Cleaner Paddle Wipes

This item is for 18 packs of Joola table tennis paddle wipes.  It is specially formulated to miximize your paddle's performance!  It is...

Joola Clipper Foam Cleaner 100ml

Made in Germany Joola Foam Rubber Cleaner. 100ml Do not forget to add a rubber cleaning sponge.

Joola Rubber Foam Cleaner and Sponge Set

Made in Germany Joola Rubber Foam Cleaner 100ml Deluxe sponge wiper. Size: 5" x 3" x 1 1/2"

Joola Turbo Rubber Cleaner 250ml

Size: 250ml Joola Turbo Cleaner returns the rubber surface to its natural tacky state and keeps it in top condition. The pump feature allows for...

Joola TT Table Cleaner 500ml

500ml Special solution designed to clean table tennis table. Made in Germany

Butterfly TT Table Cleaner 500 ml

VOC free liquid developed using latest biological techniques Dissolves dust, perspiration, oily material and dirt from the playing surface Restores...
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