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Short Pips

729 Dr Evil Short Pips OX

Dr. Evil Short Pips-Out OX Rubber (Not come with sponge) - Special formulation of natural and synthetic rubber compounds make this pip rubber very...
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802 Legend Short Pips

This is a 729 newly developed short pips-out rubber designed for the new 40+mm balls.  If you are looking for 802-40, you should upgrade to this...
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Air Classique Short Pips OX

Air Classique short pip rubber OX (without sponge) presents a special pips design which provides a totally different feeling. The "nanos"...

Air Panamera Short Pips

New design short pips with very large pimples. The harder and special pimple design not only increased speed and power, but also increased the spin...
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Butterfly Challenger-Attack Short Pips

Speed: 9.5 Spin: 6.5 Density: 35 Ideal for the pips-out player looking for more spin variation as well as easy control over the opponents shots....
$37.99  $32.29
Save: 15% off
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Butterfly Flairstorm II Pips Out Rubber

Flarestorm II If you are looking for a fast short pips rubber.  This is the fastest Butterfly short pips rubber ! Increased speed is the...
$66.99  $56.94
Save: 15% off

Butterfly Orthodox DX Rubber (OX)

Spin: 4.25 Speed: 6 Density: n/a Butterfly offers Orthodox DX rubber to those of the old school who appreciate the extraordinary ball control of...
$16.99  $14.44
Save: 15% off
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Butterfly Short Pips Impartial XS

Impartial XS Short Pips Enables Powerful Topspin Plays A High Tension pips-out rubber that produces heavy spin and powerful drives Impartial XS is...
$54.99  $46.74
Save: 15% off
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Dawei 388C-1 King Pips Out Special OX

Dawei 388C-1 King OX is a pips out special table tennis rubber without sponge.   More control and more speed than the "388C-1" pips...
$11.99  $10.79
Save: 10% off

Dawei 388C-1 Pips Out

Dawei 388C-1 is a pips out special table tennis rubber.   High elasticity and high speed. The pips out rubber makes the ball sinking and it...
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