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Model: 729RUAORMAX
Price: $18.99

729 rubber Aurora MAX pro player version is a new non-tacky rubber with inner energy cake sponge. It is designed for the new 40+ balls.  It is ... more info

Price: $28.99

If you like 729 Battle II rubber, then you will love this one more.  The 729 Battle II Provincial has more spin, speed and power. And last ... more info

Model: TTOPD05
Price: $79.99

This is a TTO assembled custom paddle with latest technology for advanced attacking style players 729 V-6 Aramid Carbon blade 729 Presto Speed rubber ... more info

Price: $41.99

ATTACK 8 (For Fast Attack Close to the Table) with advanced technology from Armstrong is a special pimple-out rubber sheet. The pimples are slightly ... more info

Price: $39.99

This is a long pimples rubber intended to confuse the opponent with a diabolical ball. LONG PIMPLE will enable you to do stable attack giving various ... more info

Price: $39.99

Aibiss rubber is a high-friction rubber which balances the characteristics of a friction rubber and more traditional high quality Butterfly rubber ... more info

Model: BURUD09C
Price: $93.99

DIGNICS guides your play to a more advanced level. The essence is the combination of Spring Sponge X, the advanced version of Spring Sponge which has ... more info

Model: BUGLPRO50
Price: $22.99

The new Free Chack Pro glue is more viscous compared to the original Free Chack. It can increase the dwell time on the blade, resulting in higher ... more info

Price: $18.99

Rough surface on the back of a very thin base sheet, pimple size and height are the largest and highest allowed by ITTF rules.  and also new ... more info

Price: $45.95

Donic BlueGrip V1 -- The Return of Rotation!  Donic presents a real innovation: the answer to the plastic ball. BlueGrip is the first rubber ... more info

Price: $44.95

Dr Neubauer short pimple rubbers KILLER and KILLER PRO have become worldwide bestsellers due to its astonishing disruptive effect. This new version ... more info

Model: JORURZ50
Price: $59.95

Each Rhyzer rubber contains the new JOOLA Powermax sponge with a 2.3mm thickness, which is thicker than conventional rubbers and therefore, generates ... more info

Model: NIRUH3PROBlue
Price: $54.95

NEW! Collaboration of Japanese and Chinese technology has produced the Nittaku Hurricane Pro III Turbo Blue rubber! The tacky/sticky topsheet made in ... more info

Model: NiRUMOS
Price: $41.95

The fantastic rubber that pips-out players have been waiting for! Now the high-tension performance qualities of the smooth Moristo rubbers are ... more info

Price: $14.99

Very deceptive, great reversal at the same time exellent control, consistancy and long lasting.
Victas Rubber V>15 Extra

... more info
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Model: VICRU15EX
Price: $51.99

The ultimate weapon for aggressive offensive players! V > 15 Extra is a high-end offensive rubber which will enable you to perform on a new level ... more info

Model: VIRU102
Price: $44.99

Victas VO >102 Short Pips – Fast, Spining, Disruptive. The VO > 102 with slightly larger pimple than its sister rubber is a very fast and ... more info

Price: $14.99

Newly designed high friction non-tacky rubber comes with a latest elastic and soft cake sponge.  For the new balls, It produces reliable long ... more info

Price: $17.99

This is the exciting new Yinhe rubber with the MaxTense Technology. it is spinning and fast. More spin and speed than moon. It has Tenergy-like ... more info

Price: $16.99

This long pips rubber is specially designed for the North Korean National Team.  It is a well-balanced long pimpled rubber with tiny pimples, ... more info

Price: $12.99

New pips-out rubber for the new non-celluloid ball.  Uranus: The legendary wizard in Greek Mythology. Uranus Poly Jean allows the user to hit ... more info
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