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Oukei TW-2700 S9 Dual Head Robot


Oukei Intelligent Table Tennis Robot
Package Dimensions: 39" x 22" x 19"
Shipping weight: 54 lbs.

Power is 110AC, 60 Hz designed for US market. Dual-head server allows player to choose topspin and backspin serves or no spin balls simultaneously.
Built-in programs provide professional players with more than 200 combinations of serves at the 18 landing points, along with a mixture of topspin, backspin and different levels of speed, curve and spin balls.
User-programmable memory settings can be set to design a variety of customized games based on the desired level of difficulty.
Intelligent random mode provides a mixture of top and back spin balls with different levels of curve, speed and spin landing randomly at the 18 points on 1) the entire table tennis court, 2) the left side only or 3) the right side only.
Combination of high & low spin serves and high & low speed serves and dead balls.
18 landing points of your choice are set accurately on the table tennis court from left to right, up to 9 points for long range balls and 9 points for short range balls.

and much more...

Accessories come with the model:
Ball collection net
Ball pick-up
Spare spin gear

Balls are not included.

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