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Featured Products

Price: $16.99

Sanwei T88 Taiji Plus is a new tensioned rubber with excellent speed in addition to steability and controllabality.  This rubber is also an ... more info

Price: $24.99

The Target National is particulaly designed for the new 40+ poly balls. The Target National has already been selected by many professional players ... more info

Price: $31.95

TSP Curl P-1R has the longest and softest pips among the TSP CURL rubbers produces very deceptive spins and actions after bouncing. The best long ... more info

Model: VICRU15EX
Price: $51.99

The ultimate weapon for aggressive offensive players! V > 15 Extra is a high-end offensive rubber which will enable you to perform on a new level ... more info

Model: VIRU102
Price: $44.99

Victas VO >102 Short Pips – Fast, Spining, Disruptive. The VO > 102 with slightly larger pimple than its sister rubber is a very fast and ... more info

Price: $52.95

RAKZA PO is a pips-out rubber from Yasaka with the newly developed top sheet using mainly natural rubber gum. This improves the level of grip and the ... more info

Price: $21.99

Yinhe Apollo 5 is a newly developed medium tacky rubber.  It is lightning fast and gripy.

Price: $54.99

Yinhe V series is the upgrade of the K series. This V-14 Pro blade is the Arylate Carbon blade.  It is very similar to the Butterfly Viscaria ... more info

Model: YHBL980XX
Price: $59.99

This is a Yinhe defensive blade made with classic willow wood outer layers. It is very similar to Butterflys Matsushita Pro blade with great feel and ... more info

Price: $19.99

Euro version of the Yinhe 955 long pips.  The rubber is highly elastic, wobble, easy to control and durable.

Price: $24.99

Yinhe Moon Pro in a new package. It has more Tenergy like effect than the regular Yinhe Moon rubber. It has been used by 10 provincial professional ... more info

Price: $11.99

Neptune: The God of water in Greek Mythology. The symbol of mysticism. Yinhe applied state of the arts technology in the research and production of ... more info

Price: $11.99

New pips-out rubber for the new non-celluloid ball.  Uranus: The legendary wizard in Greek Mythology. Uranus Poly Jean allows the user to hit ... more info
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